About Us


Two friends,  in both the accounting and Textile industry sat one day over a cup of coffee discussing how difficult it was to find a company capable of producing custom covers at reasonable prices. Several meetings later, one year to be exact, and some radical research and more coffee, INDUSTEX, short for Industrial Textiles, was born.

Our ethos was simple.

  • All products had to be locally made, why? simply because … “Local Is Lekker!” Something we both believe in.
  • Employ local people supporting skills lost due to cheap imports due to closures of local CMT garment manufacturers.
  • Only buy locally made technical fabrics.

Starting out small with one machine and a 100m sq. workshop we have managed to slowly grow to where we are today. Not only do we manufacture custom covers for all areas of industry, we have expanded to include unique products and great ideas for indoor / outdoor use, all with local technical fabrics.

The dream does not end here as the bigger picture includes exporting locally made South African products ….

Get in touch! ... sales@industex.co.za

“Support Local Manufacturers … To ensure a brighter future for our Rainbow Nation.”